Digital Mobility



How does this work?

Let's keep this as simple as possible.

Send me an email either using the email form below or to this email:

In the email you must include:

  • What guitar work you need (electric, acoustic)
  • What style (rock, country, 80's New Wave, surf, etc.)
  • How many tracks are needed (limit 2 total distinct guitar tracks)
    • If you need more tracks we can find a reasonalbe fee to meet your needs
  • References (this is VERY important - any songs that have the sound you need)
  • Timeframe (how quickly do you need this)

Then what?
I will contact you to let you know I received the info. As quickly as possible (not too fast, want to make sure I get the BEST sound for you) I will return to you:

  • Sample of the sound/playing I can provide
    • Once you approve, I will record the full song
  • I will send final samples
    • Once approved you submit payment
    • And I release the full final recordings to you!
  • You go out and collect your Grammy!