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For the last 30 years…

… Paul (the owner and operator of Digital Mobility Audio) has been a performer, musician, producer, mixer, studio owner, voiceover actor, etc. Paul has produced thousands and thousands of hours of audio for RADIO, TELEVISION, MOVIES, ONLINE CONTENT, eLEARNING, AUDIO BOOKS and MORE.

Paul has worked on projects with companies like Amazon Studios, Best Buy, Home Depot, Goodyear, Nestle, Pepsi, Tostitos, Cisco, Caterpillar, Delta, The American Dental Association and many more, along with numerous bands, recording and producing professional high quality audio for voice, music, and sound design and f/x.

If you need an experienced and professional audio mixer/producer for your music, your demos, your advertising and online content then look no further. Contact Paul RIGHT NOW.



(816) 678-6538

Audio Mixing Samples

Voice Over Samples


Audio/Video Content produced by DMA


Audio/Video Content produced by DMA

But day after day, the show must go on. And time slipped away. Before you could build any castles in Spain, the chance had gone by.
— Alan Parsons/Eric Wolfson

Audio/Video Content produced by DMA



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